Kimberly Stuart, in an effort to condone the time and money spent, would like you to know she holds degrees from St. Olaf College and the University of Iowa. She learned lots of interesting things at these fine institutions, none of which prepared her for the lethal cocktail of parenthood and writing. Stuart is the author of eight published novels, including the Heidi Elliott series, Act Two, Stretch Marks, Operation Bonnet, Sugar, and Heart Land. She is a frequent public speaker and is passionate about helping others live great stories.Kimberly lives, plays, works and eats lots of chocolate in Des Moines, Iowa, where she makes her home with one forgiving husband, three wily kids and a black Schnauzer named Scout.

I love a good story. Always have. And I think happy endings are seriously underrated.

I am Dutch. This explains a lot of really complicated things about me, including my love for almond paste in baked goods. Also, I’m not very complicated.

Writing was my second choice for a career. Originally I planned to be Amy Grant. I can still sing any one of her songs on command. I’m a huge hit at parties! Can I get an El Shaddai?!

I have an uncanny ability to choose flattering hairstyles. It’s a gift.

I tried being sad and deep for a long time. I tried Serious Kim, Dark Poetry Kim, Sylvia Plath Kim, and most regrettably, Pretend-Artsy Kim.

But when I look at the evidence, that was never the real me.

The real me made appearances everywhere. Like during piano recitals...

and when posing for three-generation photos...

or when it is definitely NOT my birthday.

When I finally figured out I should knock off the act and just be myself, that’s when I started writing books. And turns out, I’m not the only one in the market for a good story, a gut laugh, and the stubborn hope for a very happy ending.