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Kimberly Stuart, in an effort to condone the time and money spent, would like you to know she holds degrees from St. Olaf College and the University of Iowa. She learned lots of interesting things at these fine institutions, none of which prepared her for the lethal cocktail of parenthood and writing. Stuart is the author of eight published novels, including the Heidi Elliott series, Act Two, Stretch Marks, Operation Bonnet, Sugar, and Heart Land. She is a frequent public speaker and is passionate about helping others live great stories.

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  • 2011

    Operation Bonnet published

  • 2009

    Stretch Marks published

  • 2008

    Act Two published

  • 2007

    Bottom Line published

  • 2006

    Balancing Act published


Sarah H.

"If you’re thinking of buying a Kimberly Stuart book, pull the trigger! Stuart’s books are hilarious, witty, thoughtful and warm. They are light-hearted yet heart felt. You’ll love the stories and won’t be able to put them down."

Kortney V.

"Kimberly Stuart books just don't disappoint! The characters are so charming that you will want to befriend them in real life. The stories are engaging and I'm always torn between not being able to put the book down and not wanting it to end. There are many laugh-out-loud moments, but what I appreciate even more is the cheerful, uplifting feeling I have while reading them."

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