Episode 2 - Kayla Craig


Kayla Craig is smart, sassy, deeply rooted in a rich faith, and a beautiful writer. She also does a lot of laundry at her house and loves her husband, kids, and community with wild abandon. In short, you and I want to be her friend. Kayla's new book, To Light Their Way, is absolutely luminous, and it gives words to us in moments we just can't find any on our own. I think you'll love listening in on our conversation.

A former journalist, Kayla Craig is adamant about paying attention and embracing curiosity in her work as a writer and podcast producer. She writes nuanced, nurturing prayers at Liturgies for Parents on Instagram and co-founded the Upside Down Podcast, a place for ecumenical conversations on faith and justice. She is also a podcast producer for Sacred Ordinary Days. Kayla and her pastor-husband, Jonny, live in Iowa, where they're raising four young kids who joined their family via birth and adoption. When she's not playing LEGOs with her sons or advocating for her daughter with disabilities, Kayla can be found sipping strong coffee. You can connect with Kayla at kaylacraig.com and on Instagram @kayla_craig and @liturgiesforparents.

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