Episode 17 - Maria Durso


Maria Durso is living proof that if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). Having come from a childhood devastated by loss and abuse she grew up thinking she could mask her pain with drugs. Her lifestyle could have left her hopeless and alone—yet God kept and preserved Maria’s life.

Maria published her first book, “From Your Head to Your Heart”. With powerful examples from the Bible and redeeming stories from her testimony involving abandonment, loneliness, rejection, and drug use—this book gives you the keys to access the power in God’s Word. Begin the renewing journey from your head to your heart today.   In 2019, she released her second book “Ageless”.  In the book Maria bridges the generational gap and cracks the code to spiritual dryness.

Blessed with a wonderful husband and three sons in ministry, their wives and grandmother to eight, Maria considers herself wholly blessed. The Dursos look forward to the great plans God has for their ministry, their lives, and their family.

God continues to open doors for her to minister in conferences, seminars, and retreats. Connect with Maria Durso at MariaDurso.com.

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