Episode 19 - Jess Connolly


I can’t imagine a more perfect way to kick off our second season (huzzah!) than to chat with the intrepid and generous Jess Connolly. Jess is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, church leader, podcaster, team builder, and here’s the thing: She is as real a deal as they come. I’m talking unicorn. I loved hearing about her steadfast work, even when her own emotions run wild, her newest book Breaking Free From Body Shame, and her personal battle with anxiety. Have a pen and paper ready—this episode is chock full of good things to take with you on your stretch of road. 

As Jess tells it, when she was 15, you would have voted her least likely to succeed and definitely least likely to grow up and talk about the Bible. These days she’s just obsessed with leaving her generation more in awe of God than she found them. 

Jesus grabbed her heart, gripped it with grace, and she finds deep purpose + passion in His presence. 

She spends her days writing books, coaching women, leading their church, and trying to make her kids laugh. Go + Tell Gals is where she coaches + leads women and she and her husband, Nick, have the honor of leading Bright City Church.

If you’re in Charleston, stop by for worship anytime.

They’re praying to see the renewal of the American church, starting with their city. Their aim is to help people see the light of Jesus, be the light of Jesus, and shine the light of Jesus.

Jess has gotten to be a part of starting a handful of ministries and businesses - She Reads Truth, The Influence Network, and All Good Things Collective. It’s her joy to travel to other cities to preach, teach, and coach when she can. If you’re looking for more info about booking her for your event, see more details here.

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