Episode 20 - Megan Tibbits


Megan Tibbits brightens every room she enters, and our conversation on today’s ep is no exception. We peeked behind the curtain of what it looks like to have a very unusual job, her upbringing as a member of a Jesus version of the Partridge Family, and how she keeps her heart and mind in a healthy place working in an industry that focuses heavily on followers and platforms and perceived perfection. I’m so excited to have you listen in on my conversation with the girl with the guitar, the harp, the pipes, and the biggest heart.

Megan Tibbits is a singer and songwriter of inspirational, Christian music, and a lifelong musical journeywoman. Born and raised in Michigan, not only in a musical family but in a touring family band, Tibbits traveled the country with the group for over ten years, singing on stage by age three, recording harmony vocals by age six, writing songs on guitar by age twelve, and learning piano, harp, oboe, and saxophone along the way. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Tibbits appeared before a national TV audience of ABC’s Rising Star, where she advanced to the top 13. She began making YouTube and Instagram videos that gained the attention of artists such as Alicia Keys, Jonathan McReynolds, Chandler Moore, Tauren Wells, Brandon Lake, and Jennifer Lopez, where she went on to sing and write with McReynolds, and arrange acoustic versions of songs for Lopez to perform on Award Shows and other public performances (i.e. AMA Awards, The 2021 Inauguration, Global Citizen, etc.) In 2020, Tibbits appeared on FOX’s I Can See Your Voice as “The Harpist”. Most recently, Megan toured with New York Times Best Selling Author Bob Goff, appeared on tour, and on the Dove Awards stage singing with Gospel Artist Jonathan McReynolds, and led worship with artist Brandon Lake at Seacoast Church.

Megan resides in LA, writing & recording music, leading worship, touring, and speaking around the country.

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