Episode 22 - Shannan Martin


When an introvert writes a book about neighboring, I feel like we must lean in. Today’s guest is the smart and feisty and true-to-her bones introvert, Shannan Martin. I loved hearing from Shannan how we can ALL use how we were made to develop rich community. Shannan’s new book, Start with Hello (and Other Simple Ways to Live as Neighbors), has ended up to be the kind of book I highlighted, dog-eared, and generally devoured. We dive right into the good stuff, so I’m excited for you to listen in on my conversation with author, Midwest girl, and soup kitchen ninja, Shannan Martin.

Shannan Martin is a mom, wife, and neighbor living in Goshen, Indiana. She is a voracious reader, a wannabe-gardener, a news-geek, a thrift store-stalker, a justice-fighter, and an aficionado of not-too-spicy salsa. Shannan is author of Start with Hello, The Ministry of Ordinary Places, and Falling Free. She is a cook at a local non-profit dedicated to feeding her community and falls asleep most nights thinking about breakfast.

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