Episode 23 - Stephen Miller


Today is such a fun day because I got to chat with Stephen Miller. Stephen is an author, musician, entrepreneur, and YouTube star (to the tune of 750 THOUSAND subscribers, THAT kind of YouTuber), and I love how he and his wife Amanda use that space to tell the great story they’re living with their seven kiddos. Stephen and I talked about how in the world it works to have a bunch of teenagers AND live a public life, how to decide which project has wheels, and what it feels like to be utterly in love with your high school sweetheart, two decades in. I think you’ll love hearing our conversation.

Stephen Miller is a creator and entrepreneur who has grown his platform to nearly one million followers in just a few years through his show The Miller Fam, a channel that displays the beauty of diversity and adoption featuring his large, diverse, adoptive family of nine. With over fifteen years of ministry in some of the nation’s largest churches, Stephen has recorded six studio albums and is the author of Liberating King, Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars and his latest—The Art of Getting It Wrong.

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