Episode 33 - Sara Groves


I’m trying not to hyperventilate. Sara Groves is on the pod today. This means that the woman who has sung the soundtrack to my adult life is ON THE POD TODAY. Sara has been singing my favorite songs for 25 years. She is an exquisite writer, thinker, and truth teller. She puts words and melodies to what our hearts can’t do on their own. And she’s also a Minnesotan, which means she knows how to weather pretty much anything. Lean in, folks, and enjoy a conversation I absolutely loved with singer-songwriter, Sara Groves.

Sara Groves is a 25+ year veteran singer/songwriter and recording artist with a passion for justice. Since 2005 she has been an artist advocate with International Justice Mission, a global organization that works to protect the poor from violence. In 2011, Sara and her husband Troy opened a unique community art center, Art House North, in a 115+ year old church. Sara’s 14th and most recent album, What Makes It Through, is a poignant reflection on reconciliation. Troy and Sara live in St Paul with their three children, Kirby, Toby and Ruby.

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