Episode 34 - Jami Nato


Our last episode of Season Two! We made it! Again! And oh, man, do we have the best season ender for you. My guest is Jami Nato, and I want to assure you that she makes me snort-laugh. You know that really undignified laughter that makes you feel like you never actually left junior high but are still that awkward kid in braces and Aqua Net? Snort laughter in braces? That’s what I do with Jami Nato, AND I also learn a lot about redemption and forgiveness and how to be the person God hand-made me to be. I think you’re going to love this episode with author, Midwesterner, and fellow child of the 80’s, Jami Nato.

Jami Nato is a serial entrepreneur and leader of a multi-million dollar business built on faith, community, authenticity, and courage. Navigating life with her wonderful husband of 14 years and 4 unruly children is her greatest love and challenge.

She’s passionate about not doing laundry, hoarding socks, loves using humor, writing and honesty to convey the truth of the gospel. Sharing her own personal over comings with well-timed, awkward humor helps her and her audience navigate through tough topics. While she continually plans for the future, she recognizes God’s role as The Ultimate Curator of her life.

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