Episode 35 - Bri McKoy


I hope you’re hungry because today my guest is Bri McKoy. Bri is a fantastic cook. She’s the cook that you not only want on your Meal Train list, you might fake an injury just so she brings you a meal. But she did not start cooking until forced, so she has empathy for regular people. She is the every-girl that you want in your kitchen, teaching you how to make delicious food with confidence and joy. You are going to love this woman and the way she will help you launch out of any cooking slump, any season. 

Bri McKoy is an accidental home cook, the author of The Cook’s Book and a lover of gathering people around her everyday table. She is the creator of The Everyday Kitchen Masterclass, a five-week online course that teaches people how to become more confident home cooks. Find stories and recipes on her food blog at OurSavoryLife.com or watch her videos with recipe tips and tricks and read her reflections on Instagram @brimckoy.

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