Episode 41 - April Bordeau


A couple of weeks ago, I was hearing over and over in my conversations with friends how much stress and confusion and YOWZA come with the holidays. I love this season. I’m probably baking something as you read these words. I’m in. AND I also know this season comes with its fair share of extra. Extra chaos, extra scramble, extra hosting, extra outpouring, even extra grief. So I asked a question online and in private conversations: If you had the luxury of having your own relationship expert on call during the holidays, what would you want to ask? Oh, man, did the floodgates open. And my guest April Bordeau knew just what to do. April is a phenomenal therapist with over thirty years of experience. She’s a founder and the managing director of Care To Change, a counseling center in the Indianapolis area, and she was kind enough to join me in a late-night recording session. We tackle all sorts of things, so buckle up and listen to this super helpful and practical conversation with April Bordeau.

April is licensed as a clinical social worker. She is a Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) practitioner and certified educator and a Prepare-Enrich & SYMBIS pre-marriage and marriage facilitator. She is trained in Experiential Therapy, Crisis Intervention Teams and NOVA crisis intervention, Theraplay, and the Suicide PAIR program and is certified in EMDR. April is a QPR Master Trainer, is an approved Focus on the Family Counselor, serving on their Michigan Hope Restored marriage intensive team. April is also a Guide for Onsite who offers world-renowned emotional wellness retreats, therapeutic intensives, residential trauma care, and digital resources.

April and her husband, Randy (also a certified Prepare/Enrich Marriage Facilitator, and marriage retreat facilitator), have been married for over twenty five years and they have two teenagers.

Learn more about why April started Care to Change in this interview on Care to Change’s podcast.

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