Episode 45 - Sarah Bragg


I’m excited for you to eavesdrop on a conversation I had recently with Sarah Bragg. Sarah is a Tennessee girl, mom of two, and the host of the Surviving Sarah podcast. She’s also the author of a new book that tackles all the questions that keep us up at night, especially as we sally forth into midlife. Is Everyone Happier Than Me? gives solid counsel on what it means to stay curious with ourselves and those around us so we don’t miss the good stuff. I think you’ll love this candid and practical conversation with my friend Sarah Bragg.

Sarah Bragg is a well-loved communicator and author, you can find her hosting the popular podcast Surviving Sarah. Her latest book is Is Everyone Happier Than Me?: An Honest Guide to the Questions that Keep You Up at Night. She is also the author of A Mother’s Guide to Raising Herself: What Parenting Taught Me About Life, Faith and Myself. She is a wife, mother of girls, and a creative entrepreneur. Sarah is a master at brewing coffee and helping others survive well right where they are. Sarah and her family reside in Tennessee.

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