Episode 46 - Aundi Kolber


Today I am joined by a remarkable woman. Aundi Kolber is an author, speaker, and therapist, and her books Try Softer and Strong Like Water are insightful, kind, compassionate and so wise. Aundi is a trauma expert and a trauma survivor, and I trust her so profoundly to give sound counsel on a really difficult subject. This conversation is for you if you have been through or are going through trauma, or you know someone who has or is surviving something traumatic. Pretty sure that covers all of us. Listen in as Aundi beautifully reminds us we are not alone and that we are made to be free, whole and flourishing. 

Aundi Kolber is a licensed professional counselor (MA, LPC) and the author of the critically acclaimed Try Softer and her best-selling book Strong like Water. She has received additional training in her specialization of trauma- and body-centered therapies and is passionate about the integration of faith and psychology. Aundi has appeared on Good Morning America, regularly speaks at national events, and is a frequent guest on podcasts such as The Lazy Genius, Typology, and The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill. As a survivor of trauma, Aundi brings hard-won knowledge about the work of change, the power of redemption, and the beauty of experiencing God with us in our pain.

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