Episode 50 - Katherine Wolf & Alex Wolf


We For Real types are the people who are curious to hear great stories, laugh together, and travel all roads, even the hairpin, pothole-filled ones, with the people we love. If you are any or all of these things, you are going to drink up this conversation with two women I deeply admire, love, and always want more time with, even when we are expiring in the Alabama humidity. Katherine Wolf and Alex Wolf are family and dearest friends. They have written a beautiful new book that comes out of Katherine’s miraculous survival of a near-fatal brainstem stroke that left her with significant disabilities. I don’t even want to take one more second without letting you hear from them, so click in right now and get straight to my conversation with the remarkable and generous, Katherine Wolf and Alex Wolf.

Katherine Wolf is a stroke survivor and disability advocate who leverages her redemptive story to encourage those with broken bodies, broken brains, and broken hearts. She and her husband Jay live in Atlanta with their sons, James and John. Together, Katherine and Jay are resourcing people experiencing disabilities through Hope Heals Camp and Mend Coffee. They have co-authored two best-selling books Hope Heals and Suffer Strong. Katherine’s first devotional collection, Treasures in the Dark, is now available.

Alex Wolf is the Resource and Experience Director at Hope Heals, where she has the honor of creating inclusive spaces and communities for families affected by disabilities. She also has directed Hope Heals Camp since its founding in 2017. It is the joy of her life. Alex and her husband, Henry (the other joy of her life), live in Birmingham, Alabama.

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