Episode 8 - Jennifer Taylor Wagner


Just in time for a brand new year! Jennifer Taylor Wagner is my guest on today’s episode, and she is the perfect person to help us look into 2022 with a holistic view of health and wellness. Jennifer’s new book, Your Good Body: Embracing a Body-Positive Mindset in a Perfection-Focused World, is just what we need as we reframe how we view weight and scales and food and feeling good in our own skin. I can’t wait for you to hear her story and her hard-earned wisdom.

Jennifer Taylor Wagner is a certified fitness instructor and successful blogger. She is passionate about challenging the way we think about health, wellness, and regularly writes on the topics of healthy living and body positivity. Whether it's hosting online webinars, speaking in churches, or chatting at MOPS meetings, she is committed to helping others find hope in their journey. Jennifer lives in Virginia with her husband, Phil and their two kids. Visit her online at jennifertaylorwagner.com.

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