A Week in the Life

Good gravy, I’m tired. Why am I so tired? Are you tired?

You know this means we are old. We never used to be tired. Old people are exhausted. Probably because they have been walking and talking and processing and thinking and parenting for so long. And probably also because just seeing famous people gets wearying real fast.

One of the byproducts of being tired is that I don’t journal. Don’t say it. I already know. I’m a writer and I don’t journal?!? I don’t capture the life of my family with the written word?! Um, no. I write about fake people and their fake lives and giggle a lot at my own jokes. But I do not journal about my own family.

Maybe I should start. Like right now.

Here’s our week in review.

1. Show choir costume checks. Black with “pops” of red and good twirling radius. All good. Plus, she’s adorable. Put her in the front row. (P.S. Teenagers LOVE being called “adorable.” I’m sure she won’t mind this public post.)

2.  I got a massage from our in-house masseuse.  This was the “inforemashin” sheet provided. As you can see, I required everything offered, including magazines. I like to be entertained while I get “loshened.”

3. Scout had LOOSE BOWELS. IN HIS KENNEL. So I took him to the vet and begged for the puppy version of the B.R.A.T diet. Or, I said, they could also take him to a farm and teach him to herd sheep. Either way, I wasn’t leaving without something to solidify what needed to solidify.

He watched me as I negotiated.

I left with glorious little pills and extras that I am now rationing for the next time Chernobyl pays a visit. And a puppy is once again saved by his cute face. I am a shallow person.

4. Spring cleaning in kids’ bedrooms. Here are two treasures that probably make you fly into a furious fit of jealousy. I know, I know. My life is better than your life. I hear that ALL THE TIME.

5. Fourth graders got to take home their new recorders this week. I think he’s a natural.

No wonder I’m tired. Fake people are way less demanding. They never poop in their kennels and they don’t care if I toss their collection of crusty, deceased insects.

Happy weekend, everyone. And happy journaling. 🙂

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