Got the Music in Me

Yesterday morning, when only fourteen people in the Midwestern time zone were awake, I arrived at the studios of Life 107.1 to substitute on the morning show.

I had a blast. And I kept things clean, not one smoke break in sight.

Photo credit.

I tried looking professional with the big-honker headphones, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t work. By the end of the morning, one of the folks at the station startled when he saw me and said, “Wow. You got here really early, didn’t you?” Um, yes. And in torrential rains. And then I put on headphones. So the end product was…alarming.

Photo credit.

(P.S. I feel the need to point out that this woman is NOT ME. The last time I put a crazy hair photo on this blog, I was asked repeatedly for a month if the photo was of me in high school. Ahem.)

So it was a lovely morning. My cohost, Dan Raymond, is a very nice guy and knows how to do 38479 things at once, all while giving the traffic report. And he played some good music, including some by this guy.

Photo credit.

(I will never, ever look at the camera again when I get my photo taken. The coolness factor of this look-away is astounding.)

My children are mildly obsessed with TobyMac. I also think he is fantastic. He can groove, he features other talented artists, and he makes me dance. In fact, here are his tour peeps (VERY cute married couple, by the way), daring us all to dance:

Here is Thea’s interpretation. Before naptime.

Happy Thursday, dear readers! May it bring many reasons to dance!

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