Happy Christmas 2013!

Hello, dear people.

Despite all those Internet rumors, I didn’t die. Wait–that rumor was about Johnny Depp. He isn’t dead either, though he is against showing his teeth in photographs.

I, however, am not!

Listen, I’ve missed you people. I’m sorry for my long absence, but I have found I cannot multi-task. That’s not true: I CAN multi-task if it involves cooking dinner, breaking up fist fights, unloading the dishwasher, and reviewing subtraction facts. I CANNOT multi-task, however, when it comes to writing.

I’m writing a new book and I can’t do that and blog. Sorry. I’m definitely not a millennial that way, but it’s true. (For the record, I’m also not a millennial in terms of my texting speed and my ab strength. But those are other posts for another time.)

So I’m writing every now and then and hopefully, by the time Thea gets her first speeding ticket, I will finish this book and be back to (the obsolete world of) blogging.

In the  meantime, please enjoy a beautiful Christmas with your families. Somehow the God of the universe saw fit to up-end all our thoughts on power and kingdoms and inauguration days and entered our fray as a vulnerable baby. Our hearts sing with the birth of our Rescue, our Freedom, our Unfettered Joy. Star of wonder, indeed!

Merry Christmas, dear friends. And much love to you.

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