I’m Almost As Cool As My Website

Look at this website! It’s new! It’s super cool! It makes me look HIP!

Not to be confused with hip-py. I will tell you right here and now that I had a boyfriend in high school that told me I had “child-bearing hips.” The romance seemed to lose all its spark after that comment. Those of you with hips of all sizes know what I mean.

(Liz’s hips don’t look very child-bearing here, but she is really pretty. I’m worried about enough room for her liver and pancreas, actually, but I’m hoping the ex-boyfriend from high school Googles me today and this photo comes up. Wouldn’t that be THE BEST?!)

But this website! I really love it. It has been a long process getting this ready, mostly because I’m slow. I know, I know. Child-bearing hips AND slow. I’m not very fun at dinner parties.

A great team of people at Ten25 helped me out. Cooper, Maggie, Michael-all delightful people. They’re very talented and organized, and our meetings were always more fun than the word “meeting” should imply. Maggie and I were the only girls, unless you count the lovely and flatulent Kona. (Kona is a dog. If Kona were a woman, I wouldn’t have mentioned it. OK, I would have mentioned it. But only one time.)                            

Kona is flatulent but she is also regal.

And these people really did a great job of not panicking when I made them nervous. For example, during the video shoot.

Here were the stats of those in attendance:

1. Me, age 40, filter/internal censor starting a downward and speedy spiral of fraying. That is to say, I say too much. It’s a thing.

2. Cooper (left), age way less than 40. Owner and big cheese at Ten 25. He also wears dapper shoes and loves his wife. Points all around.

3. Taylor (right), age way less than 40, very sweet and very capable, but left the company shortly after we shot my video. I’ll let you connect the dots on that one. (Hint: I LEAVE DESTRUCTION IN MY WAKE.)

There’s a point in the video where I spoof Fifty Shades of Grey. I want you to know that doing that kind of thing in front of males who are young and wearing argyle socks is a dignity checked. I absolutely checked and I absolutely have no dignity left. I think it has something to do with my hips.

So poke around this fancy new site, check things out, let me know if there are kinks and what you think. But can you be a little less honest than the high school boyfriend? Maybe something like, “Kim! I love your website! Don’t change a thing!” Or “Have you lost weight? I think you’ve lost weight. The website definitely implies a losing of weight. And a gaining of wisdom!” Try those out. I’d really appreciate it.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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