Spring Break 2016

I visited my sister this week.

The kids and I got in the car to drive from Des Moines to Denver and 2765 hours later, we arrived. We had a lovely time. We hiked a mountain.

Some of us got courier service down the rough patches.

We saw some beautiful views and tried out avant garde hairstyles. I think this one is a winner.

We visited a museum. SOME OF US wanted to read. Every. Single. Placard.

We looked cute. And we ate ridiculously large and ridiculously good biscuits at the Denver Biscuit Company, shocking onlookers.

When we ran out of placards to read, we visited one of my all-time favorite bookstores, The Tattered Cover. Bliss.

It was a fantastic visit. I want my sister to live closer to me and fulfill my own plans for her life, but since she has never really obeyed me, I’m happy she lives in a place with books and biscuits. I love her and her family so.

IN OTHER NEWS, if you are looking for a spring read, I have you covered! In new covers! Print copies of my five novels are up through Amazon here, and ebooks are also available through Amazon for your Kindle, iBooks for your Apple devices, Barnes and Noble for your Nook and Kobo on your phone, tablet or desktop. I’m so excited! The print copies came in the mail this week. Don’t they look beautiful?!

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