Spring Fashion Report 2016

Spring has sprung! The buds on my viburnum smell delicious, my daffodils are in full bloom, and this sentence sounds like I know what to do in a yard. That’s the prerogative of a blog writer. You get to lie at will.

To help you get the most out of your life, I here offer you a guide to this year’s spring fashion. You’re probably going to want to take notes.

**NOTE: I want you to know that I found these items when I searched “wearable spring fashion.”

Let’s let that sink in a little bit.

OK. Here we go:

1. The practical neckline.

Listen, I love me some checked and I love me some plaid. But in my life, I do need to tie my shoes, pick up toys, and walk. I can’t see the groceries staying put with any of those activities if I’m wearing this particular V-to-navel cut.

2. Face masks. They’re not just for Spidey anymore! Think of the approving looks you’ll get in the carpool lane. Nothing says “school safety” like the minivan mom rocking this look!

3. Florals and sadness. I just want to include this person, not only because of her winsome pairing of florals, but also because her tired and naked face was the one image with which I totally identified. This is the exact look I typically sport when hauling my daughter to 6:30 am choir practice. I also grab my beaded face mask because I don’t want to be recognized. It never works.

4. Breast mesh. Again with the practical! I love this look! Perfect for book club!

4. Bows. I really do love these shoes. But I chose this photo for the pink bows. Pink bows of any size are VERY FLATTERING, but when they span the width of a woman’s torso, you know you’re on to something.

5. No comment.

6. Sometimes I worry about whether I should wear boots with a particular outfit. I can see I have been over-thinking. Also, let’s be humanitarians and get this woman some lip gloss.

7. Everyone needs highlights in the spring. Please remember this. Also, everyone needs to trust bang cutting with the professionals. Also, Thea wants you to know she’s worried about the eye make-up.

8. And finally, boob cut-outs. Just to remind the boobs where they need to land. Middle age is tough, friends, and sometimes we need direction.

Happy spring! Now go shop!

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