Winner…and Scary Woman

And the winner of the very cute 31 Bits bracelet that I have been tempted to steal is…..

Joanne Schneider Ripple!

Congrats to Miss Joanne, and may she wear her new bracelet with joy and only a little bit of guilt that she didn’t just let me keep it.

I am happy for Joanne. It’s good to know there is a winner in my immediate circle because I, for one, feel like a big fat loser. It’s freezing here today. FREE-ZING. We’re talking snow, people. It’s not supposed to stick and the forecast says 70s next week, but still. This weather is not good for self-esteem. Or personal warmth. Or happy thoughts toward our fellow humans.

I am choosing to believe this weather caused the horrifying incident I witnessed yesterday afternoon. The kids and I were stopped at a red light next to an elementary school that had just let out for the afternoon. Children were streaming across the streets, helped by a kindly crossing guard with white hair. Three cheers for kindly crossing guards!

HOWEVER. When the light changed and we were about to pull forward, an angry, bitter woman with an unfortunate perm CHARGED through the intersection, despite her red light, and nearly mowed over five children who were crossing the street. The poor kids screamed and literally jumped out of her way. She braked hard inches in front of them and continued looking irritated.

I most certainly did feel my blood pressure rise to dangerous heights and I most certainly did call the police and report her license number, which Ana, in her number-savant way, was reciting from the back seat. Thea said she hopes the policeman catches that woman and tells her she was very naughty before locking her in a jail forever and ever.

Ahem. We’re working on grace.

Road rage lives on, people. Snow and “ice pellets” (THE ACTUAL WORDS I READ IN TODAY’S FORECAST) do not help. But running over school children seems a bit extreme as a response to the sadness in our lives.

I, for one, feel so much better after hashing this out with you. Anyone else need to vent about drivers who want to kill people? This is a safe place. Much safer, in fact, than the corner of 50th and Woodland Avenue…

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My name is Kim and I am a very good tattler. My eye’s on you, Scary Perm.

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