Winner, Winner, Organized Chicken Dinner!

Thanks, everyone, for entering and for reading and for admitting you all need you some Jan. I have to say, your entry emails were hilarious. I even received some photos of the most challenging of your spaces,  just to emphasize how badly Jan was needed.

Photo by

This was not one of those photos, but doesn’t it just make you want to throw away everything you’ve purchased since the end of the Reagan administration?

So the winner of our contest is…..MELISSA K.!

Congratulations, Melissa! Jan will be contacting you directly to start the project of your choice. Please take photos, Jan and Melissa, and send them along! We are all suckers for a good before and after.

We are also suckers for a good deal. So remember, all readers of the Kimberly Stuart blog receive 20% off Jan’s services until December 31, 2016. Um, you should call her right this second. Her prices are very reasonable and think of how you’ll avoid that spot on Hoarders! Twenty percent off AND no national humiliation! A deal, I tell you!

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Sorry. I had to do post just one more hoarding photo. I want to know who is posting these things? Why? What are your motives? And why do you own that oversized teddy bear? Get rid of the bear. And the bear shouldn’t be next to the fireplace in any circumstance. There is no design philosophy that supports large stuffed animals by fireplaces. OK, and one more.

Photo by

Oh, my gosh. I am suddenly and completely, utterly depressed.

Stop looking at this screen. Go call Jan. Go clean your garage. And drink a healthy juice or something. Cleanse.

Happy weekend, everyone. Thanks for entering. 😉

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