Episode 44 - Taylor Hughes


Boy, oh boy, do we have a super fun conversation for you on this episode! I made it exactly zero percent in before needing an inhaler for laughing so hard, if that gives you any indication. Taylor Hughes is making a repeat appearance on For Real, and there’s just something about talking about life with a close friend. Taylor does all sorts of fun things, like solo performing as a magician/storyteller/comedian, going on bus tours with our friend Bob Goff, making Netflix and YouTube specials, and now releasing his second book. We talk about it all and we still didn’t have enough time. That’s what happens with good friends, of course, and I’m so happy you are here to be a part of it all. Listen in to the fun and delight and generosity that is my dear friend, Taylor Hughes.

Taylor Hughes fell in love with the art of illusion as a child when his parents bought him a magic kit for his birthday. More than 30 years and 3,000 shows later, Taylor has become known for his signature style of Magic Storytelling.

He is the author of Road to Wonder and has two comedy magic specials currently streaming “Chasing Wonder” on Amazon Prime and “Enjoy The Ride” on YouTube. His second book MISDIRECTION: A Magician’s Guide to Spotting and Avoiding Manipulation in Your Life is available for preorder and releases everywhere on February 13, 2024. Taylor is married to his high school sweetheart Katie and they live in Southern California with their two daughters Madelyn and Kennedy.

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